Halcyon Northwest

Your mission is *our* mission.

Founded in 2014, Halcyon Northwest works with dedicated public and non-profit sector clients who match our passion for helping other people. We free our clients up to do their work that they do best, and help them quickly complete short-term projects in order to move their mission forward. We are proud to help the public servants who are in the arena, making the world a better place.


Our 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey is here!

  • Our clients feel that hiring Halcyon dramatically increased the pace of their projects and the quality of their work.
  • Our clients think that we’re an incredible value for the work that we do.
  • We free up our clients so they can do the work that they’re passionate about.
  • Our collaboration and ability to make every voice heard is one of our strengths.



100% of our clients would hire us again

“[Katherine’s approach] is not going to be the same thing as what the next person did, it’s going to be unique to what our needs are and what we’re looking for. And she knows the right questions to ask.”

“I’m in awe of her ability to stay on task, catch everything that’s going on, and manage all the projects she’s working on.”

“Katherine is my benchmark of what a good contractor is.”

Katherine Boyd

CEO and Principal

Katherine Boyd is a certified project management professional (PMP) with 15 years of experience. She specializes in public sector and non-profit organizations. Katherine helps clients take the next step to achieving their vision, by planning and accomplishing complex projects to achieve ambitious and important policy goals. Katherine takes pride in going the extra mile, because she truly cares about and believes in the success of her clients.

As a facilitator, certified mediator, and business analyst for data systems development, Katherine has extensive experience in working with large-scale, diverse teams and coalitions. She often partners with designers, data analysts, editors, writers, program managers, and executive leadership to produce positive, successful outcomes. She is also a talented writer, with several published public-sector plans and reports.

Kathryn Bost

Business Development Lead

​Kathryn Bost has been supporting marketing teams for over 25 years by finding project opportunities, developing subconsultant teams, and submitting winning proposals. From her work in engineering, architecture, and communications firms, she has developed significant expertise in navigating public agencies and procurement processes. She specializes in working with small and disadvantaged firms to help them develop new markets, expand their connections, and win more work.

Mina Hochberg

Writer and Editor

Mina Hochberg is a professional writer and editor with extensive experience in content and feature writing, editing, copy editing, and proofreading. As a careful reader and skilled interviewer, her mission as a writer is to convey information with clarity, accuracy, and humanity.

Sandra Furuvald

Administrative Lead

​Professional problem-solver Sandra Furuvald has over 13 years of hands-on administrative experience, starting with her first position as an Executive Assistant for the President of Communications at Northrop Aerospace. She has a focus on executive support, developing accounting systems, HR, management, and mentoring.