Halcyon Northwest periodically offers presentations on project management topics. Below are some of our offerings. If you are interested in having one of these presentations for your organization or team, please reach out to us through our contact form and let us know!

Successfully Initiating Projects

Getting your project off to a strong start ensures long-term success, and reduces the likelihood of major headaches down the line. However, many of us start projects without taking the crucial steps for laying such a foundation. This workshop will give you great ideas for how to handle the initiation stage of your project. Topics include:

● Writing a charter ●
● Developing a list of stakeholders ●
● Evaluation key stakeholders and reaching out to them ●
● Communication strategies ●

By addressing these critical steps at the start of your work, you will set your project – and yourself – up for success.

Managing Conflict During Projects

Projects provide many opportunities for conflict. We intuitively understand that some conflict is normal, and can even be healthy and lead our projects down more fruitful paths. However, we often have little formal training in managing conflict in either the personal or the professional aspects of our lives. This can be especially difficult in a virtual workplace, where we lack regular, in-person communication with key stakeholders.

This one-hour, highly-interactive workshop will discuss four approaches to changing your mental responses and behaviors when you are in conflict. Build your conflict-resolution skills, meet other professionals who are wrestling with these same issues…. and ultimately bring your projects to a successful conclusion!

Writing a Powerhouse Project Charter

Halcyon Northwest is a huge advocate for well-written project charters. This workshop will review critical elements to a good charter, including:

● Roles & responsibilities – including yours! ●
● Requirements & acceptance criteria ●
● Governance & decision making ●
● Risks & opportunities ●

Bring your existing charter, or your notes for your upcoming project, and learn how to turn those into a powerhouse document that will propel your project to success and help you avoid common failure points.


Halcyon Northwest, LLC is proud to partner with the Puget Sound chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI) to produce a podcast on current issues in project management. Click on an episode to be taken to the podcast hosting page.

Puget Sound PMI’s Work-Life Balance During the Pandemic Series:

Achieving Success and Balance Even During the Pandemic with Deepali Paul

October 31, 2020

Want to know what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? What if you had to give it all up and restart life in a new place around strangers? A little nuttiness seemed to bring sanity and success even during the pandemic! Listen to our next podcast episode featuring Deepali Paul who has achieved this feat and taken on the journey to help others succeed!

Puget Sound PMI’s Work-Life Balance During the Pandemic Series:

Work-Life Balance During the Pandemic with Bryan Fleming

September 30, 2020

Puget Sound PMI is proud to start a series of podcasts covering a range of topics. We will bring inspiring guest speakers who will help us navigate work and life challenges. The topic for first series is Work-Life Balance During the Pandemic. And our first guest speaker is Bryan Fleming, Senior Vice President, Technology, T-Mobile.

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